As your payments processor, one of our highest priorities is to help you keep your payment data safe.

Time to act
We’re updating our systems to a new global security standard – TLS v1.2 protocol and SHA-2 level certificates. Act now to keep your payments running smoothly after the migration.
Why are we upgrading?
Due to ever-evolving security vulnerabilities, the industry is phasing out SSL and early versions of TLS encryption to the more secure TLS v1.2. Additionally, a transition to SHA-2 level certificates will strengthen our ability to keep your card data secure through stronger encryption and authentication.

Who’s impacted?
These world-wide changes – spearheaded by Google, Mozilla and Microsoft – affect all customers and partners with an IP connection or Internet/browser-based solution.

What do you do?
Migration to TLS v1.2 and SHA-2 – and more secure payment processing – is just steps away. Click on the tab corresponding to your specific solution and follow the guidelines.